Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Trip has ended...

So after 4200 or so kilometers, 4 days, 3 hotels, many many bathroom breaks, and many trips to fast food joints.... We have arrived in beautiful California.
It started on July 12 getting though the border no problem, beautiful weather to Illinois.
July 13 we started off in moline, Illinois and made our way to Nebraska.
Drove through lots of Valleys, ended up going to Walmart in a small cute town. Felt really good about the trip so far, and was looking forward to the next few days.
July 14 Nebraska to Utah was one of the best drives so far, we seen some amazing mountains and drove through our first tunnel. (really cool). We ended up getting up to 8000ft in elevation, so you can imagine our ears popped alot.
July 15 Utah to California was a really cool but interesting ride, we went through the rest of Utah. It was very flat and hills in the distance, someone said to me "its like driving on Mars" sooo true. Once we got though Reno and into the mountains of California, that was the best most beautiful drive we have been on in this trip.
Long but we got here and the emotions were running high but we still managed to push threw the chaos.
Now we are in our hotel for the next two weeks in Emeryville.

We have walked around Emeryville some what but this town seems to be very industrial and not a place id like to live (besides the beautiful scenery).
We had someone take us through oakland, berkeley and some little nice areas and I was very pleased and surprised at how nice Oakland was. Being that all I heard was bad things about it, we are meeting with a realtor tomorrow and they are going to take us to some apartments to look at in those areas.

Im feeling alot better about all this :)

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